Choosing a second-hand hamster cage online: how do you go about it?

You want to bring a hamster into your home. You'll need to prepare for its arrival? What it will eat and especially where it will sleep. To cut through all these questions that might be troubling you, we suggest the use of a hamster cage. This cage would be the greatest thing you could offer your mammal. However, you don't have a large budget to buy a new cage. Did you know that you can find second-hand cages online for less? Read this guide to find out where to find second-hand gadgets online and how to choose the perfect cage for your hamster.

Used hamster cage: what dimensions?

Despite the fact that you opt for this second hand gadget that is the cage for your hamster, the question of dimensions should not be neglected. The size of your pet could still help you to have an estimate of the dimensions of its cage. But be aware that the minimum size of a hamster cage is 30 centimetres. The minimum length is 50 centimetres. As for the minimum height, it is 30 centimetres. On the platform, you will find second-hand hamster cages of all kinds and many other second-hand gadgets, which are very important for your daily life. After all, a hamster is a mammal like a monkey. It likes to climb, run and play as it pleases. To give him this pleasure in a good condition of comfort, he needs a very large cage. With such a large cage, your hamster will be able to exercise or practice all the activities of its choice. Remember to space the bars according to the size of your hamster. With a spacing of 0.5 to 1 centimetre at the level of the bars, this could be more than enough for the comfort of your hamster. Make sure you never put two hamsters in the same cage, especially if they are of the same sex. Let each hamster have its own cage.

What types or models of used hamster cages can you find online?

After the question about the dimensions of the hamster cage, another question arises. This is the model of the cage. Indeed, there are a lot of models of hamster cages. On the list of models, you have bar cages, plexiglass cages and mixed cages. If you go for the purchase, the first model that will be presented to you is the one with bars. With this type of cage, you have a number of advantages. There is the ease of cleaning, layout and ventilation that makes it easy for your hamster to have a good time. It is because of these advantages that this model is widespread on the market and is purchased by many people. As for the Plexiglas cages, they are favourable in the fight against the risks of running away. With this type, your hamster is protected from draughts and there is no natural air passage. This is why it is highly recommended to clean this type of cage. Finally, the mixed cage is the middle ground between the two previous models. This is an improved version of the plexiglass cage and the bar cage. The only disadvantage of the latter model is that it is too expensive.