Discover 3 records in the world of football

Every day, incredible things happen in football that stun fans of the sport. Mysterious goals make you want to stay on social media while following the replayed matches. Decisive moments of refereeing feed the eyes by creating happiness for both sides. What are the great records in football? Find the answers in this article

The longest goal ever scored

When you know how difficult it is to find the top corner, this goal is surprising. Newport County goalkeeper Tom King achieved the feat of the longest goal ever scored. He managed to find the net from a distance of 96.01 metres. This feat earned him an entry in the Guinness Book of Records. His epic kick will be talked about for a long time to come. Fate, some would say. But this record is not about to be broken.

Most World Cup matches awarded to an individual player

These are the few footballing records that may remain unchanged in the future. Between the most attractive football tournaments, a player by the name of Lothar Matthaus is involved in 25 matches of the world tournament. Although a World Cup consists of 64 matches in general, this player was able to play 5 World Cup matches simultaneously with Germany. This process earned him the records for the highest number of World Cup matches held by a footballer.

Most red cards in a match

Referee Damian Rubino handed out 36 red cards in a match between Victoriani Arenas and Claypole. That's quite astonishing, but don't worry. This is one of the highest red card awards in football history. It's a scenario that doesn't happen every time in the football world. But it did happen and has forever marked the history of football.