How Adrian Cheng successfully rejuvenated a 50-year-old company

Starting a business is not easy. It's even less easy to keep it going for a number of years. However, some people do it with their genius. Discover the story of Adrian Cheng in this article.

A man of many ideas

Keeping a business successful for a number of years is extremely difficult. Getting a company to cross generations while getting it to rejuvenate is a most complicated task. However, that's what Adrian Cheng has managed to do with his grandfather's business.
Such an old company required its youth thanks to this young man. With hard work based on several renovations and projects, this is a feat that few people can achieve especially in the real estate business where there is a lot of competition.

Adrian Cheng's ambitions are huge and he admits that he wants to preserve what is not his. He also claims that he is disrupting the company by rejuvenating it. With this strategy, he is building a company that doesn't resemble the school city, but meets the new business model. This young vice president and general manager plays an important role in the development of the family business.

Several projects implemented

Several projects have been initiated by Adrian Cheng's management. Thanks to them, the company has regained its youth. In spite of the many problems caused by the economic war between the USA and China, the company did not go bankrupt and continued its flight towards better horizons. Cheng is an innovative entrepreneur who does not hesitate to choose change to bring more value to the family business.

Several complexes have been completed. To achieve his vision goals, hundreds of designers have been recruited from around the world. They are each responsible for overseeing a portion of the complexes. This is an example of innovative entrepreneurship that should be followed. He has a vision and is giving himself the means to achieve it.