How to choose a hat?

With constantly renewed collections and models available in all shapes, colors and prices, there is a lot to choose from.  What should you consider when choosing your hat? Make yourself comfortable to read.

A hat that respects your style

 As you know, fashions come and go. They are ephemeral, which is why it's never a good idea to choose a hat just because it's fashionable. Our advice is to adapt your choice to your style, check their dragon ball super beanies here. Think about your style and image, what suits your personality, and choose the hat that suits you. This advice applies to all your clothes. Before others can like you, they have to like you 

Choose the right color

 Play with colors and materials when choosing a hat. These are the cards you hold in your hand to create your look! Make sure your outfit matches, though. For example, choose a hat in the same color as your scarf. If you don't like scarves, don't be afraid..... choose a hat that matches the color of your shoes. To make things easier, neutral colors are best. When choosing a corporate hat, choose a color that matches your organization's colors and logo to ensure consistency. 


Choose a hat that matches your needs

Matching clothing is good. When the scarf matches the hat, it's more than enough to create a cohesive look. If you choose clothes of the same color, nothing will stand out. Remember this advice: the perfect outfit is one that shows you, not one that hides you. So use the hat to brighten up the rest of the more understated outfit. For example, choose a printed hat or a colored hat. Don't overdo it.


Go for style 

Without falling into bad taste (which is often a question of dosage), you can use the card of originality.  For example, a heart-shaped face can be accentuated by a voluminous pattern, such as a hat. If you have an angular face, you should choose a fluffy pattern. For people with round faces, a hat with a visor is a good choice. You have the option of buying what suits you best. If the shape doesn't suit you, change your look with a quirky color. A bold hat will brighten up your look.