How to promote your hotel with marketing influence?

A marketing influence is a powerful trade strategy that allows you to achieve hotel objectives in a direct and authentic way. It is a relatively modern form of marketing that stems from the innate ability of some people to attract the attention of a wide audience. That’s why it’s good to know the most common techniques used to capitalize on the huge popularity of influencers. Discover in this article some different techniques to promote hotels with marketing influence.

Involve influencers in content planning

Each tourism company has, or should have, a periodic calendar of offers to promote. As a result, collaborating with influencers through targeted campaigns can help you reach specific audiences in a creative way. For example, a hotel in a mountain resort could collaborate in summer with influencers specializing in trekking or family travel. Then in winter with influencers passionate about winter sports. Ultimately, you can discover in hotel for influencer strategies for implementing influential marketing campaigns to promote your business.

Publish influencer content on your channel

The practice is for influencers to publish on a product or service on their channel. A very effective strategy is exactly the opposite. It will be the influencer who will appear on the hotel chain. This will generate a lot of traffic to the hotel’s social profiles. This is done by giving influencers access to the brand’s social channels, usually for one day, during which they can post live videos.

Host Influencer Events

As an alternative to a structured campaign, a hotel or tourist establishment could host an event for influencers. For example, in collaboration with a community of travel agencies and influencers, you can organise sponsored events in cities around the world. These events are a great way to get the word out about a property or destination.