How to set up your bathroom shower?

The showers intended for the bathrooms are of new modern creation which enables you to take your shower comfortably. As these showers are diverse, it is necessary to install them properly in order to enjoy this comfort. In this article, find out the different types of showers and how to set them up.

Setting up the standard modern shower

The modern bathroom shower being of two kinds, about hisinstallation, you have to consider the space available in your bathroom. In fact, this modern shower can be either with a tray that can be placed directly on the floor or with a raised tray. In fact, to install your classic shower directly on the floor, you must first have a drain. Then you have to dig a hole in which your modern shower will be installed. As for the shower with a raised tray, you will just need to create your horizontal outlet and raise the shower tray on a base which will allow a perfect installation of the tray in accordance with the floor of your bathroom.

Installing your walk-in shower

Installing an Italian-style shower is actually the same as doing this installation without a tray. This is because such a shower does not require digging up your bathroom floor or a shower collector in any way. However, as the Italian shower can be of various kinds, its installation requires masonry work. Thus, it is strongly advised to call upon a professional mason in the field for its installation.

Installation of your PRM shower

The PRM shower being a little more complex than the previous ones, its installation requires the respect of certain conditions and the use of certain materials. Indeed, it will be necessary to use an enclave or tile hyper flat shower perceptor, a support pillar, a shower bench and a non-slip asphalting to avoid any possibility of slipping.