The essentials about the Quintana Roo Visitax tourist tax

Travelling to a country as a foreigner, implies the regulation of some mandatory documents. One of them is the payment of the tax. In fact, it is instituted by the government of a country to improve the stay, the sites and all local expenses to favour the reception of visitors. This is the case of the new Quintana Roo tax in Mexico. Let's find out what exactly the tax entails.

Visitax : for whom?

Visiting Mexico today is only allowed upon presentation of the tax document. Visitax is therefore mandatory for any foreign person traveling to the Quintana lands. Many people visit Quintana. Some are there for studies, for health reasons. Others go there for business or for holidays. The reasons and the nature of the trip do not matter. The principle of the tax applies to foreigners. The only exception to the tax regulation is that it does not apply to children under the age of 4. But any tourist or traveller over that age is not exempt. Let's find out why this tax was instituted.

Visitax : what for?

Visitax is a tourist tax imposed on foreigners. Given the attraction of the area, the vast majority of visitors come for tourism. The State of Mexico has therefore decided to collect funds for tourism in the area in order to further develop the region. The visitor tax was introduced in April 2022. It is mandatory and applies to Quintana Roo.

Visitax : for where?

There are several territories in the locality of Quintana that require the presentation of the payment of the new tax. Among these are precisely Cozumel, Cancun, Tulum, Isla de Muyeres, Puerto Morelos, Puerto Aventura and Playa del Carmen. These are the places to which the Visitax tourist tax applies. Payment is made directly online. However, the visitor also has the option of having it arrive in Mexico.