Tips for a successful job interview

Finding a job these days seems to be complicated. In companies and organisations, the crucial step in recruitment is the job interview. If you do well at this stage, you have a good chance of being selected for the job.  In this article you will find some practical tips on how to succeed in a job interview.

Be presentable and punctual at the interview and pay attention to your speech

The first important clue in a job interview is punctuality. Regardless of your skills and profile, being late for an interview can significantly reduce your chances of getting the job. Apart from punctuality, there are a number of other behaviours that should be adapted: being very polite during the interview and developing good listening skills.

To succeed in a job interview, you need to be presentable. What to wear to a job interview often varies according to the position. For an investment banker, for example, it is ideal to be in a business suit. It is necessary to be careful about what you say and to control your speech rate to some extent. You should be careful not to speak too fast or too slowly. When talking about your experiences, you should give concrete examples of your achievements and missions without going to extremes.

Have an idea of the company and ask questions

Before going to the job interview it is important to find out enough about the company and also about the position to be filled. For example, you can find out about the company's business areas, its recent achievements and its weaknesses. This will enable you to have a frank and fluid dialogue with your interviewer during the interview.

At the end of the interview, it is advisable to ask some questions. Take care to prepare the questions at home, even if there may be one or two improvised questions. Your questions should be of a general nature. For example, you can ask about the next steps in the recruitment process, how soon you can expect a return.