Top 3 best free smartphone games

Games on smartphones or iPhones are becoming more and more popular as new technologies become more widespread. The many games that are available on these smart phones allow you to have fun during stressful moments or during long waits that are stressful for you. Access to some games is conditional on having access to the internet. This means that you need to have an internet connection first. However, other games are free. Here are three of the best games you can play for free.

The game Rebel Inc

This game, which can be downloaded from the Play store and played for free on smartphones, is developed by the same author of Plague Inc. While Plague Inc is about being in control of an epidemic and aims to eradicate all life on the planet, Rebel Inc is about fighting an insurgency. During this fight, you maintain your power over a region. It is a great free game from the management category. For more versions of the game or to access other options, you can press Buy in app during the game.

Once Upon a Tower Game

The main goal of this fun game is to carefully descend a tower as low as possible and defeat different types of creatures along the way. These can be trolls, spiders, boars, fireflies, etc. You play as a charming princess who, after waiting a long time for the prince, decides to escape from her room on the top floor of a very tall tower. To do this, you use several instruments or tools such as a parachute, a bomb and a pickaxe to not only get down, but also to fight against the enemies that block your way. This free game, which is in its 34th version, will keep you busy with its enchanting graphics and seamless flow.

The Duet Video Game

If you're looking for a game that will allow you to think on your feet, then Duet is it. In this game, you play as two spheres whose goal is to pass through the mazes that stand in their way.  Duet, available only in the solo mode, is very complex and terribly addictive. It requires your attention.