What are the most popular forms of Advent calendar?

As the party approaches, the crowds grow around accessories and decorative or entertainment items.  The calendar is one of those objects that arouses great enthusiasm in the market.  It is available in the market in a variety of shapes, with different characteristics.  So, read this article to the end to find out the most popular advent calendar shapes for everyone.

Traditional Advent Calendar

The advent calendar comes in many forms that appeal to users due to their characteristics.  One of the most known and appreciated forms is the traditional one.  For full details, click here all-advent-calendar.co.uk, is the classic form, featuring 24 small numbered windows to open each day from December until Christmas.  Each window reveals a surprise, such as a picture, quote or small gift.  Behind each window, you will usually find an illustration or an image related to the Advent period or Christmas. 
It can be nativity scenes, Christmas symbols, winter landscapes or other festive images.  In some traditional Advent calendars, you can find small symbolic gifts or surprises behind each window.  These can be small figurines, stickers, magnets, costume jewelry or other small objects.  The traditional Advent calendar also allows for an exciting countdown to Christmas Eve.  Every day, you open a window to find out what's inside, adding anticipation and excitement to the pre-Christmas time. 
Moreover, the traditional Advent calendar is a practice that dates back decades and is deeply rooted in Advent culture.  It is often used to mark the days until Christmas and to remind people of the approach of this joyous holiday.  These characteristics make the traditional Advent calendar a popular object during the Advent period, allowing children and adults to celebrate the expectation of Christmas in a playful and festive way.

Chocolate advent calendar

Very popular in all corners of the world, this calendar contains 24 boxes filled with chocolates, as its name clearly indicates.  Every day, you discover a new sweetness to taste.  It is a popular tradition during the Advent period, which precedes Christmas.  The Advent Calendar is usually made up of 24 compartments, each numbered from 1 to 24. Each number represents a day from December until Christmas. 
In addition, each compartment contains a little chocolate surprise.  These can be chocolates of different shapes, for example figurines, snowmen, stars, animals or Christmas-related motifs.  Some chocolate Advent calendars offer a variety of flavors including milk chocolate, dark chocolate, white chocolate, or even flavored chocolates such as caramel, hazelnut, mint, orange, etc. 
Most of these advent calendar shapes are decorated with specific themes such as cartoon characters, movie heroes or traditional Christmas motifs.  What really makes this calendar special is the excitement of discovering a new surprise every day.  It is common to taste the chocolate corresponding to the number of the day during the Advent period. 

The digital advent calendar

As its name clearly indicates, it is virtual and accessible online, which means that you can access it from any device connected to the Internet.  Unlike the traditional cardboard calendar with windows to open, the digital Advent calendar often offers virtual boxes to discover each day. 
In addition, each box can contain various types of digital surprises, such as special offers, discounts, exclusive videos, games, interactive content or downloadable gifts.  Some versions of digital Advent calendars may also include contests or sweepstakes to provide an even more engaging user experience.