What types of jackets there are

In most wardrobes, jackets are considered the most striking garments. They are relatively long-sleeved outfits that cover the upper part of the body. However, the fact that they come in many forms often create an embarrassment in choosing the ideal one for different events. So what types of jackets are there? The following article tells more on the subject.

The blazers

The blazer appears as a mixture of the sports jacket with another formal jacket and is greatly inspired by Japanese fashion. You can find the most beautiful Japanese jackets at japanese jacket. For a casual look in summer, blazers can be your perfect companions, as you can wear them over different pants. Moreover, the wool used for their manufacture is heavier, and they come with nice metallic buttons. When you put on a blazer, the only word that comes to your mind is elegance. It remains popular because of its long life.

The sports jacket

The sports jacket is also a popular outfit, when you want to stay casual. It will come in handy for many occasions, as manufacturers also offer different color combinations. You will not go unnoticed because these colors are well selected and flamboyant. But in addition to the colors, the sports jacket can be a mixture of different fabrics, namely wool, cotton, linen or even special fabrics. Sports jackets are known for their lightness and the comfort they offer to those who put them on.


It is a jacket made of generally soft fabrics, with black and navy blue as frequent colors. It is worn only over suitable tuxedo pants. The buttons and lapels are often made of the same fabric, and tuxedos can be worn with a bow tie. The bow tie is used to make your suit stand out among many others.