Why install a chatbot on your site ?

Like virtual assistants, chatbots are tools with artificial intelligence. Most often represented as an animated character, they are used by major brands to guide prospects through their needs. Here are the advantages of using a chatbot.

Customer service automation

In a moment, I'll explain the benefits of automating your customer service. But first, it's important that you know a little more about chatbots in general. And to do so, navigate to this site. Obviously, you don't keep a 24-hour watch on your website. In fact, it may happen that a customer decides to call on your services. In these cases, there is no member of your team available. As a result, you may lose the contract. Furthermore, making sure that you install a chatbot on your site allows you to interact with the prospects that make up your audience. Thus, you have a precise idea of their needs and can think of solutions to meet them.

A high sales rate

The chatbot offers the user the possibility to order the product directly. He doesn't need to call the website designer anymore. Moreover, with the automatic proposals of the chatbot, he is redirected to other offers related to his tastes. In other words, the chatbot installed on your website records the preferences of frequent users and proposes to them at each new visit to discover products related to their previous choice. Thus, the chatbot acts a bit like a salesman. It first takes into account the needs expressed by the users. Then, on the basis of these requests, it proposes new services, products or gadgets likely to please them. In short, if you work properly to install a polite and intelligent chatbot, the traffic on your site will certainly double. Not to mention, customer engagement becomes a verified notion.