Why install a wooden deck at home ?

Installing a deck at home can be a real headache, especially since there are so many materials to choose from. However, the majority of people nowadays opt for the installation of wooden decks. In this article we will look at the reasons for this trend.

Easy to install and environmentally friendly

One of the reasons why most people opt for a wooden deck is that it is easy to install and environmentally friendly. You can hire a professional to install it, but you can also do it yourself! All you need is some DIY knowledge or a well-equipped handyman and your deck will be installed. For more information on how to install a wooden deck click here to find out more. Natural wood is biodegradable and the materials used in the construction of a wooden deck are very low in pollutants and recyclable. The environment is therefore respected.

Aesthetic, comfortable and durable

Wooden decks are very aesthetic. Wood comes in several varieties (composite wood, exotic wood, natural wood, etc.) and the different colours (grey, ebony, honey, etc.) allow for an exceptional aesthetic dimension. You can realize all your decoration desires with wood, whether they are authentic or modern, and this, no matter where it is installed. This is difficult to do with other decks. Wooden decking is best known for its resistance to the elements. But for this to be effective it is important to make a good choice of wood. Woods are classified according to their impact and weather resistance in classes from one to five. You can therefore opt for hardwood species (oak, ash, chestnut, etc.) or softwood species such as fir, pine, etc. They are very resistant. They are very resistant. You can also use composite and exotic woods, which are highly resistant to humidity. They will give your terrace a very high level of solidity.

Wooden decking is easier to maintain

Wooden decks are easier to maintain. However, to maintain their appearance, they require regular and special care. Lichens, moss, oiling, etc. must be removed. It also depends on the type of wood used for the installation of the deck. It is sufficient to clean it with soapy water to restore its shine if it is made of composite wood. There is no discoloration or lichen or moss to remove. 

Wooden decks are very useful during certain periods. You will enjoy the sun as best you can!